About Us

Radio Jan was first launched in Armenia in 2012 and was launched in the USA in 2017.

Welcome to Radio Jan USA, where the heart of Armenian music beats louder and reaches further. Nestled in the vibrant expanse of the Greater Los Angeles Area, we’re not just a radio station; we’re a sonic bridge connecting millions to the rhythms and melodies of Armenia.

Broadcasting Brilliance

At Radio Jan USA, innovation meets tradition. Our FM 107.5 HD2 broadcasts soar through a high-power transmitter, enveloping 80% of the Great Los Angeles Area in the rich tapestry of Armenian sounds. But we don’t stop at the conventional. Our signal stretches beyond borders, reaching a global audience through our crystal-clear online audio stream. It’s Armenian music, amplified for the world.

Tech at the Heart of Tuning

In an era where convenience is king, we’ve revolutionized how you tune into your beloved tunes. Launching Radio Jan for iOS and Android was a game-changer—radio tuning distilled to its purest form, with a touch of your fingertips. Our platform is a testament to simplicity, yet it’s powered by cutting-edge technology. With over a million users dialing in every month, we’re not just heard; we’re sought after.

The Pulse of Armenian Music

Radio Jan USA is more than a station; it’s a home for the soul of Armenian music. Whether it’s the latest hits or timeless classics, we’re the easiest gateway to the music that defines us, unites us, and uplifts us.

Evolving With You

Stay tuned, for our journey into innovation is far from over. We’re constantly exploring new avenues to bring Armenian radio to every corner of the globe. Expanding into additional platforms is not just our plan; it’s our promise. With Radio Jan USA, the future of Armenian broadcasting is bright and boundless.

Join Us

Immerse yourself in the soundscapes of Armenia with Radio Jan USA. We’re not just playing music; we’re weaving a global tapestry of Armenian culture. Let’s embark on this sonic adventure together, because with Radio Jan, every note tells a story, and every melody brings us closer.